The IWF Woman


We embrace the whole woman.

Not just the corporate woman, not just when she's on top. We support the journey of womens' leadership, whatever shape it takes.


The WomEn We SEEK…

IWF is a one-of-a-kind organisation comprised of friendships, influence, power and purpose.  IWF is a global collective of preeminent women leaders. We come from all walks of life; from a wide range of countries, careers and cultures. Membership to the 6,500 strong global network is by invitation only.

“IWFA is looking for a woman of influence, a leader who excels in her field, who is driven to make a difference and who represents the vibrancy of her community. We seek a woman who is open, real and kind, who lifts as she climbs, and who adds to the diversity of our collective.”
Our local chapter mandate, to ‘connect as women and grow as leaders’ stems from our belief that to enjoy our leadership journeys and to reach our full potential we need people around us who truly understand our challenges from a professional perspective and support our endeavours on a personal level.
If you feel this was written for you, get in touch.
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IWF women are history-makers

We captured the stories of IWF women across the globe and throughout history who have, 'rolled up their sleeves, and got the job done'.