IWF programs

Convening the world's leading women


The International Women’s Forum and the IWF Leadership Foundation produce innovative and unparalleled leadership and executive development programs worldwide.

These programs advance opportunities for women in leadership while also creating a profound, positive and sustainable change in the lives of women leaders today and tomorrow.


Global Conferences and Training Programs

  • World Leadership Conference
  • Cornerstone Conference
  • The Leadership Foundation Fellows Program
  • Executive Development Roundtables
  • EY WABN Elite Female Athletes Mentoring Program
  • UN Special Consultative Status

Global in our reach and unwavering in our commitment to advancing better leadership around the world. IWF provides one-of–a-kind programming. Designed by world leaders for world leaders present and future, IWF programs feature women who have broken through barriers to scale the heights of power and influence.

World Leadership Conferences, conducted annually by the International Women’s Forum, draw women from more than 50 countries who are the world’s leading architects, advocates, catalysts, and pioneers of change – the women who are re-drawing the map for how we’ll live, work, produce, and maintain healthy communities in the coming years. As our global economies restructure and reshape business, politics, environments, access and opportunity, IWF’s cutting–edge conferences harness those must-have conversations in order to educate, inform and inspire our women leaders and our partners to be out ahead of the change that is needed.

World Cornerstone Conferences are held each year in regions and markets critical to the future which provide access to leaders with insight on topics impacting international progress, business, economics, ecology, enterprise, and the sustainability of human endeavor. Members come together across national and international boundaries to share knowledge and ideas, to enrich each other’s lives, to provide a network of support, and to exert influence.

Exchanges and Global Delegations are sponsored by IWF for members and leaders, corporate partners and collaborators who are working to promote women’s leadership around the world. These singular exchanges between top government officials and business leaders from developed and emerging markets provide the opportunity for building understanding, cooperation, and better leadership.


IWF Australia President Kate Mason invites global leaders to the Cornerstone Conference in Melbourne, 2018.

A quick snapshot of IWF Australia Members Karen Hayes and Stephanie Charles discussing their experiences of attending an IWF World Conference.