Connecting Women


Leap and the net will appear



"It is with warmth and pride that I lead the IWFA sisterhood. As President of this incredible group of women, my hope is that our members reach out and make the connections that will support them on their own leadership journeys. As well as to bring to the table their passions, experience and desire to change the world for the better. 

We at IWF Australia are a professional 'sistahood' of leaders. We are here for each other, here for ourselves and here for the young women leaders of tomorrow. The global nature of our organisation means that our members have direct access to women leaders from all over the world. Women who are diverse in their professions, politics, cultures, backgrounds and generations. United in their will to develop the women leaders of the future. 

Ours is an organisation built on trust and openness. We create a space for sharing and for learning. With an invite-only doctrine and highly intentional membership criteria, we create and protect a safe and stimulating space for our women. A space in which to explore professional challenges and personal ambitions.

Perhaps my favourite thing about IWF is meeting women I would never otherwise have a chance to meet. It is a privilege to surround myself with women who are full of courage, who come from backgrounds I could not dream of and who's achievements fill me with awe. 

The future of women's leadership is a rich and wonderful possibility if we can treat each other with the kindness and playfulness that we cultivate within the IWF sisterhood. Each leadership (and indeed life) journey encounters ups and downs, transitions and hurdles, incredible achievements and lasting impact. We choose to celebrate all of these moments.

As one IWF member said at a recent executive development round table, "there is no such thing as failure - I win or I learn!" It is with this spirit that we aspire to connect women locally and globally to empower the future of women's leadership across the world."


Kate Mason
President, IWF Australia